Meet the Crew

Mama BlossomDarci

Darci once dreamed of a shop where all her favorite baby essentials intermingled with the best resale around.  Not finding any such shop, she did what any new mom would do.  She complained.  Her loving husband, told her that if she couldn’t find it, she should open it.   In hindsight, he probably just wanted a few minutes peace.  Well the joke is on him, because Apple Blossom Baby has grown into a wonderfully eclectic mix of the very best the parenting world has to offer, and a full time job for the entire family.  It truly is Darci’s dream come true.  I mean how else can a girl buy all the shoes she wants and never get into trouble?




Papa BlossomJames

Master baby wrangler, gear cleaner and heavy thing lifter, James can be found finding things for our extended Apple Blossom family almost every day.  It only seems fair, because without his push, Apple Blossom Baby would never have come into being.  He has a great perspective on family life, and his mild obsession with avoiding all things body fluid related makes him an expert on snot-sucking devices and getting the most from your cloth diapers.




baby blossomKyra

The original Blossom Baby, Miss Kyra had the audacity to grow, and is now a full fledged member of the Big Kid Club.  She can be found some afternoons, pushing the safety recommendations of the Plasma Car, and acting in her official capacity as Jr. Baby Wrangler.  She has great information on which toys are ‘cool’ and would love to help you shop.  Lucky you.




bitty blossomRiley

Bitty Blossom Baby joined our crew in 2012, and is an invaluable source of information.  She can help determine if a product or item of clothing at Apple Blossom would work for a child her size, she can let you know if a thing is worth chewing on and in some cases, she can either cure or create ‘baby fever’.  She can be found, well, everywhere.  Unless she’s hiding, in which case you have to call for her and follow the giggles.